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Accessibility Pathway Tour

Let’s take the guesswork out of your pathways.

Accessibility Pathway Tour

The Accessibility Pathway Tour (also referred to as Accessibility Virtual Tour) is a digital overlay of pathways. It is designed to familiarise the end user with a space before they visit (public places, industrial sites, venues and other facilities). APT is a wonderful resource for those with mobility impairments. This is the first step towards creating a fully integrated service for a wide range of impairments.


P3D first created this product working collaboratively with our client, Auckland Live. Before attending a theatre, those with disabilities can see first-hand how to move around the venue in an easy manner, right down to the best carpark to suit their needs.


Exclusive to P3D, we have taken the time to trademark this exciting new offering and we look forward to rolling it out on many projects in the future.


™ Accessibility Pathway

Accessibility Virtual Tour

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