We know the virtual world can be filled with buzzwords and techy speak, so we’ve designed this FAQ to help. We’re just a phone call away too!


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Q) What’s the difference between a Google Virtual Tour and a Custom Virtual Tour?
A) The Google Virtual Tour is hosted by Google themselves and only has the compass and floor indicator to assist with navigation. It only contains imagery. A Custom Virtual Tour is hosted by Property3D and so enables the use of a navigation menu and hot spots that help users navigate around your images and allows them to access other information such as videos and links to websites via the hotspot icons.

Q) Why are the peoples’ faces all blurry?
A) Peoples’ faces and car registration plates etc are blurred to comply with Google’s privacy requirements. It’s not necessary for faces to be blurred in a custom tour.

Q) Can I use the images on my website?
A) Absolutely, you own the images, we supply iFrame codes for use on your website and you can copy image URLs into emails for people to click on to be taken to your tour.


The overall presentation of your business is paramount; refer to the tips below to ensure your business is photographed looking at its best

  • Rubbish bins cleared and moved
  • All lights switched ON
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Remove sales signs, seasonal signage, price labels
  • Make sure your branding and signage is prominent e.g. digital screens showing your logo
  • Please assist the photographer where required
  • Let your staff know that the photoshoot is going to happen at least a day in advance
  • Let your customers know that the photoshoot is for marketing purposes and their faces will be blurred for privacy
  • Try not to be in shot, if you can see our camera, the camera can see you. It is a 360 degree photo
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