Targeted Digital Marketing

Targeted Digital Marketing

Targeted Digital Marketing

The perfect partner to our virtual services is a killer digital marketing strategy.

To support your quest to stand out from the pack, our boutique team have polished their skillsets in this competitive, but lucrative environment.

When done right, digital media is so much more than just a few extra likes and followers. With our guidance, we can match your social to your business objectives, target your market, find out where your buyers are ‘hanging out’, map out a content calendar and measure your ROI.

We have proven expertise in this fast-paced field and our point of difference is the synergy and ease of having your virtual work and digital done in-house by one provider, us – P3D!

Services include:

  • Social Media Management & Reporting
  • Professional Content Created (via inhouse Photographer, Copywriter & Design)
  • Packages for One-off or Ongoing Campaigns
  • Google Adwords & SEO Strategy